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2 November
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Not too much to say... just that my nickname was inspired by "Shion" a character of the manga "NANA" but there's also MUCC's influence in it. And "Westwood" just because I love fashion designer Vivienne Westwood *O* I've been a L'Arc~en~Ciel fan since 2005 and KAT-TUN fan since June of 2010 *---* I'm an extreme Sex Pistols fan too (o_O) I like books (mostly thriller and horror stories though love stories are welcomed too ^^)I love Anne Rice's books but her Vampire Chronicles are definetely my fav *O* I really like anime, manga and doramas too. I'm a dorama addict XD I'm always looking for new bishounen acquisitions *¬* Talking about doramas, I became a KAT-TUN fan because I watched the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge dorama in which Kazuya Kamenashi starred in and I fell completely in love with him!! <3 I knew about KAT-TUN since their debut I think, but never paid much attention to them (^///^) (I don't know why? O_O because they're hot guys! I guess I already suffered from sight problems since that time, 'cause I can't think of any other good reason XD
I mostly listen J-Music, I do it since I became a Laruku fan and started to be more and more involved into this world. It's not that I can't stand bands/artists from other countries, just that I think Japan has lots of wonderful bands and artists that for me is inevitable not being mesmerized by them XD Some other bands that I like are X Japan, MONORAL, MUCC, the GazettE, Nightmare, Maximum the Harmone, Versailles, VAMPS, sads, Buck-Tick, Luna Sea, B'z, Dir en Grey, Girugamesh and a lot more XDD But If I happen to find a band from another country and I think is good I would definetely adopt it ^^ In a few words I'm a simple Mexican girl who really loves J-Music... well, who really loves Japan!! \(^O^)/

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