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17th-Dec-2009 09:11 pm - [sticky post] 100% Friends Only
Yoroshiku ne! ♥
L'Arc (GLMY) - by kanahyde
11th-Aug-2011 11:41 pm - [Wallpapers] Pairings+KAT-TUN+Maru
Hello everyone ^^ The other day gensou_alice  opened this thread about our OTP, so I got inspired and made these pairing wallies of NaKame, KoKame and JunDa XD and a TaNaKame one too because I love that trio ♥ They're not that good but I thought someone might like them <3 Clicky in the images to see them bigger or if you prefer to download via mediafire just click in the names ^^

Info: 6 Wallpapers
[01] JUNDA
[01] KAT-TUN

Wallies under the cut ^^Collapse )
NaKame - TV Guide (2011.05.21-05.27)
7th-Jun-2011 12:17 am - [Icons] Yuichi Nakamaru + NaKame ♥
Since Yucchi was demanding my attention for some days, I decided to make these icons and thought "why not share them?" *---* There are a few NaKame icons too since I really love those two gorgeous men and they are my ichiban ♥ (yes both of them LOL) Hope you like them ^^

Total Icon Count: 40



Click here for more loveliness <3Collapse )
L&#39;Arc (GLMY) - by kanahyde
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